Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I learned from good critiques

It's time for me to show this blog some more love!

The excerpt that I posted before is partially the result of some good critique comments that I got when working on a previous project in a writing class. In particular, one classmate said that he liked my description, but he wanted more. Instead of just seeing the scene, he wanted to smell and hear it, too.

It was an interesting comment. I guess that -- as a jewelry designer as well as a writer -- I often tend to think more of the visual and tactile, and not quite as much on the aural and olfactory. But ever since I read that comment, I've tried to not just visualize a scene as a write it, but think about the whole experience, the smells and the sounds as well as the sights. It's still something I struggle with, and sometimes I have to go back through and add things later, but without that critique, I never would have thought of it.

Anyway, I was thinking of livening things up with some more fiction. I've got a ton of old roleplaying background stories lying around on the hard drive. What say you, readers? Are you interested in a glimpse into my geeky hobby, or would you prefer to wait for non-gaming-related stories?

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